Project Description

A limited environmental impact assessment (LEIA) for a Marina and Marina Village at Deep Bay, Virgin Gorda for Oil Nut Bay Inc. The LEIA investigated the potential impacts that could arise from:

  1. the construction of the marina docks and ancillary services (barge ramp, boat ramp, floating and staging area, helipad, and extension of the breakwater);
  2. Marina Village (restaurant, retail area, and Dock Master’s Pavilion);
  3. road upgrades to the low lying coastal area; and
  4. installation of parking spaces for golf carts near the coast.

This project has been approved by the Planning Authority and is construction is currently in progress.


“Dr. Cassander Titley-ONeal of Environmental Systems completed a limited environmental impact assessment for the Deep Bay Marina at Oil Nut Bay in September 2013. She has impressed us as a knowledgeable professional in her field who is clear in her communications, thorough in her investigations and proficient in her report writing. It is evident to us that she works to a very high standard which fits our profile as the best of the best in luxury villa development.”

Mark More – Victor International (Vice President)